Postponed - Faculty Hub Institute: Data Visualization in R

Tue May 12, 9:00 AM - Thu May 14, 10:00 AM (EDT)
Gottwald A201  

We’ve made the hard decision to postpone the upcoming Data Visualization with R workshop. We contemplated conducting the workshop remotely, but one of our primary learning objectives was developing effective pedagogies for teaching data visualization in face-to-face classrooms, so it makes the most sense to wait until we can engage with each other in person.

We are continuing to plan the workshop, so it will be ready to go when everyone returns to campus. Once we have a better idea of what the future holds, we’ll reach out with a future date.

If you are interested in getting started sooner than later, we strongly encourage working through Hadley Wickham’s book R for Data Science found here:

Would you like your students to create data visualizations that are both beautiful and effective narrative tools? Would you like to enhance the quality of your data visualizations in your publications and presentations? Do you want to introduce a data visualization assignment to your course but are uncertain how best to craft one? The Faculty Hub has organized an end of the year professional development opportunity that will help you accomplish these goals.

The ability to communicate a narrative derived from data is important for the advancement of scholarship and for preparing our students for life after graduation. Two changes in the past decade have reduced the barriers to creating beautiful and effective data visualizations: technological advances in data visualization software and the growing availability of data.

We’ve chosen R to focus our data visualization conversations, but this is not just an R workshop. Our hope is that the knowledge and skillset you learn in this institute will help you use other tools to visualize data (like Tableau and Excel). That said, this workshop will include intensive technical training and a strong understanding of data management and organization is required.

Learning Objectives

  • Enhance faculty data visualization and management knowledge and skillset (R)
  • Develop community among faculty using data visualization in their teaching and scholarship
  • Develop a specific assignment or research-asset around data visualization
    • Scholarship example: A data visualization for a future grant, presentation, publication
    • Teaching example: A data visualization assignment for an upcoming course or lab


  • Basic knowledge and understanding of data management (how data can be organized) and statistics is required to be successful in this workshop.
  • Prior introductory experience with R is highly recommended.
    • Want to gain introductory skills in R before the workshop? Complete this LinkedIn Learning course on “Learning R”
    • Hadley Wickham’s “R for Data Science” is another great resource to get started.
  • Questions about the prerequisites for this course? Contact Andrew.

Faculty will receive a stipend of $300 for participation. To be eligible for the stipend, faculty must complete and present their deliverable on the final day of the workshop. Faculty will also receive the necessary resources to complete the training (books, software, etc.) and meals that overlap with workshop time.

For more information and our tentative schedule click here.

Andrew Bell

Technology Consultant, Pedagogy and Scholarship

Ryan Brazell

Technology Consultant, Pedagogy and Scholarship
Gottwald A201