Digital Pedagogy Cohort: Web Publishing - Spring 2022

Wed Jan 12, 12:00 PM - Wed Apr 20, 3:00 PM (EST)  
The Faculty Hub is excited to announce the second Digital Pedagogy Cohort (DPC). Led by the Faculty Hub’s Technology Consultants, the DPC will provide opportunities for faculty to improve their skills with digital pedagogy methods, increase their familiarity with digital pedagogy theories, and cultivate community in a semester-based cohort model. In addition to individual consultations available to all faculty, DPC cohort members will engage in seminar-style discussions around the use of digital pedagogies and may request in-class workshop observation and customized feedback from Faculty Hub Technology Consultants. 

Our spring semester cohort will focus on web publishing projects such as blogging, story maps, and other web-based publishing tools. Whether this is your first time creating a web publishing assignment or project for your students, or you want to improve an assignment or project you have previously used, please consider joining us. The cohort will meet twice a month during the spring semester, with individual consultations and in-class observations available by request.  

Please note: the dates / times listed above are placeholders and the actual session dates and times will be scheduled to accommodate the availability of registrants.

Andrew Bell

Technology Consultant, Pedagogy and Scholarship

Ryan Brazell

Technology Consultant, Pedagogy and Scholarship